Monday, September 28, 2009

Hoosier riding

Southern Indiana has, with out question the fastest flowing single track I have ever ridden. Pictures never do trails justice, but I took some anyways. Rumor is there are more than 80 miles of trails in this immediate area. I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the Indianapolis area.
Brown County state park has plenty of elevation to work with, which surprised me given it is in Indiana (1,500 feet of ascent in a 14 mile loop). A few climbs required 4 full size switch backs to get to the top. The vistas were pretty amazing.

This pretty much sums up the end of my tour guide. He got the last laugh as I decided to hit a new section by my self and ended up tumbling down a 60' ravine.

The trail builders did a nice job of mixing in rock gardens and bridges.

Cool coverage bridge leading in and out of the park.

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