Friday, September 25, 2009

Game over

With the few last pedal strokes of the Cheq 40 last weekend, my 2009 racing season grew to a close. In retrospect, I achieved my ultimate goal of improving my finish in the 09’ 28 mile Ore 2 Shore. TJ and I worked together for 9 months with the goal in mind and I was able to garner a 9th place finish (thanks coach). A winter worth of structured trainer time mixed in with some snow riding on the Surly Pugs with Jim and Craig had my early season fitness pretty dialed in. I entered my first cat 5 road race this spring and finished 4th, which I was pretty happy with considering my lack of experience. Our four man team “Pink Steel” got it done in the sport class at 24 hours of 9 mile with a 2nd place podium finish. Although the racing was very satisfying, my most memorable experience of the summer was volunteering as Race Director for the Eau Claire Fire Cracker. There are so many hard working people behind the scenes that you really can’t get a real appreciation for the race unless you are part of it. The countless compliments from the fans and racers defiantly made it a journey worth taking.
The next few weeks are going to be spent having fun on the bike with no training agenda in mind. 2010 holds some pretty lofty aspirations for me and is going to require me to push my focus, discipline and commitment to new limits.
First and foremost will be a training plan that gets me prepared for the BC 7 day mountain bike stage race in July of 2010. Jim and I are signed up as a two man team and neither one of us wants to let the other down. My training will be based around power, which I am finally fully set up with (5 power taps; 2 mountain bike, 2 road and 1 for the Surly Pug along with a Garmin 705 to keep track of everything). Additionally this is the winter that I have to get to a true race weight. I am not sure if 180 pounds is in my future, but it is safe to say that my current weight of 220 lbs isn’t going to get it done on the bike in 2010.
Off to Indianapolis for a week with the in-laws. Taking the road bike and the fully to get a taste of the local action. From what I hear and read it should be some pretty fun stuff. Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Dude - You had a great season. It was fun following you this summer. Look forward to hearing your winter fun/training. 180...?? I think that is so attainable for you man...keep up the riding and and the fun. And thanks for the great race at the Firecracker. You helped to put on a great race.