Monday, June 15, 2009

super secret training grounds

Rewind to the Big Ring Classic. Race started with a little bad luck when I bobbled a pedal and found myself in dead last place. Knowing there was 27 miles of racing, I paced myself and used the three laps to pass as many riders as possible. Looking back I should have buried myself and fought for a better position going into the woods. Regardless, I moved up 20 spots over Rhinelander and 40 spots over Iola. Finished mid pack about 10 back from where I am capable of finishing, but happy non-the-less.
Monday after the Race TJ had me down for 3 hours of endurance overload followed by another 8 hours throughout the rest of the week. 13 hours in all.
Sunday I met up with Jim and did our own Eau Claire version of the La Ruta de los Conquistadores.....although a bit shorter at 3 hours.
The ride started out with 5 miles of RR ties. The full suspension 29er did the job.

A car beat Jim to the kill. He has the worse fear of snakes of anyone I have ever met. I paid the price the rest of the ride as he was amped up on adrenaline and whatever else propels his phobia. He once dropped one of his buddies for teasing him with a snake. I knew better.

Hike a bikes. Sometime trails, sometime not. Can't beat the scenery.

Sand climbs are always good training for the Ore 2 Shore! I think knowing there is pavement 10 feet to the left makes it just a little harder.

All and all it was a fun day on the secret trails, but I bonked really early on and had to rely on Jim's towing service to get back to the house. We made a stop at a gas station and I almost climbed all the way in a pizza fridge to cool down.

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