Monday, June 22, 2009

odd man out

Headed down to Sheboygan for the father's day weekend. Hooked up with the breakfast group for an early Sat morning ride. I only had room for one bike in the truck so the hard tail 29er got packed. put a few extra psi in the tires and let knobbies roll with the roadies. The ride was fun and I was able to stay with the group for the entire 40+ miles. It was nice to be back home on the old country roads (Dano, where were you today?)

Sunday was going to be a few hours in the woods checking out the local trails, but I opted for cross training with a chainsaw. Something to be said for those that actually work for a living. My entire body was cashed by the end of the day.

Dad's plan was to cut a little and then pull the branch over and away from the house with the tractor. I had my doubts and when it went I couldn't control my reaction. It was pretty funny after the fact.

Hope everyone had as nice of father's day as I did. Thanks for the good chow mom.

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