Saturday, May 30, 2009

The long road back

Loon on the nest....pretty cool to see
The single track in the Cities is interwoven with saddled horses of a different kind.

My blog fitness seems to be in as bad as shape as my physical fitness. The bacterial infection was more than the body could handle and took a real toll on my biking. I thought my strength was starting to come back last Sat until I attempted 3 - 20 minute steady states. The mind said go, but the legs said guess again. Sunday Jim and I went to the cities for 2 hours of sweet single track and then Craig called so I joined up with him for a 2 more hours at Lowe's Creek. The legs felt pretty good if I didn't go full throttle. Tuesday the rain came so Jim and I did a few hours on the road with the knobbies and discovered some new secret training spots. The rain kept up through Weds 1.5 hour group ride with the roadies. Work was starting to wear me down, so I took a day of vacation on Thursday and headed back to the cities for 2.5 hours of more single track......I love that place. Took Friday off and did an hour pre-race ride today. My goal is a mid pack Comp finish at Rhinelander given I am still not 100%.

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