Saturday, May 2, 2009

Learning curve

Completed my first TT today and got a first hand account of how CdA(Coefficient of drag x frontal area) plays into TT racing. I spent the entire 16 miles on the hoods of my SISU road bike in a less than a desirable aero position. Given today's wind, and the fact that I was on a road bike, I was generally pleased with my average speed 22.8mph. A true TT bike and helmet are definitely in my future! The speed suit is going to have to wait:)
Race file.
view MotionBased file here


  1. Excellent ride! 311 Watt average is awesome! With a serious bike and some practice, you'll cook!

  2. Like the blog, bike, new seat and workout routine. Curious about the recovery workouts? Jim Cap