Friday, January 15, 2010

Tucson Mountain Park

Got in a 4 hour mtb ride at Tucson Mountain Park on Thurs with TJ. It was a full day on the bike and we were able to hit Starr Pass, Golden Gate, and Gate's Pass. The trails are pretty crazy compared to back home. Click HERE to check out the Garmin file. Tomorrow is the 27 mile climb to the summit of Mt. Lemon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Got out for a 60 mile road ride on Wed. The route took me through Gates pass, which served up some awesome riding and views. Still have lots of riding left, including a trip to the top of Mt. Lemon on Sat.
Gates Pass at Tucson Mountain Park

Back side of the pass. Cars are only half as fast as a bike on the decent.

A little broader view
I've attached a few of the rides from the Garmin Below. Nothing too earth shattering on the performance side of things, but the links offer some pretty cool interaction.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick update from Tucson. Headed up to Phoenix Sat morning to preride the course, which went well. Trails are really, really rocky and also pretty technical in spots. Raced in the Rock Crusher sport class and was able to get a podium spot. My fitness on the top end is not where it needs to be, but the season is still very early.
Monday I hit the roads for a 40 mile endurance ride.

Tuesday we hit one of Tucson's premier trail systems for a solid 3.5 hour ride. Hard to believe there is a trail somewhere in there amongst the boulders.

Sample of some of the tricky stuff.

TJ hitting killing the sketchy downhill on his rigid / rigid.
Stay tuned for some more random trail pics. Tx for checking in.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trainer Bonk

Been down in Sheboygan visiting my parents on the farm where my dad is recovering from his heart attack. Things were a little slow, so I got the bike set up in mom's kitchen on Sat afternoon for a 2 hour endurance ride. It was nice to have a window with a view compared to riding in my pitch black basement. After holding a comfortable 233 watts for the first 90 minutes of the ride things went South in a hurry. I only had water and no solid calories to sustain the effort so the bonk was inevitable, and when it hit is was full on. It is pretty crazy how fast the body can shut down in a situation like that. Wonder if the Sheboygan crew did their breakfast was zero out when I woke up.

Click HERE to read a cool article passed on to me from TJ.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Out with the XTR / XO and in with the new XX. The SISU hard tail is going in to be Gun-Koted and then built up with the new package. The bike should should be pretty sweet once it is all put together.