Friday, June 25, 2010

Game Time

Hard to believe the BC Bike Race is already here. Training has been next to non existent, but I am not going to let a little thing like a lack of fitness get in the way of having the best week ever on a bike. Jim has been really consistent with his riding and is super strong right now, so he will be doing most if not all the pulling. The new Santa Cruz Tallboy along with Jim's Sisu are waiting for us in Canada and from what I can tell they are the perfect choice for the race. 30 minute prologue tomorrow and then the real deal starts on Sunday. We will do our best to get some pics on the blog each night. Next up, 6 hour flight to Vancouver. Stay tuned and thanks for checking in.

1 comment:

  1. Double D, good luck to you and the rest of the team in BC. Keep us posted on the progress. CP Racing is expecting big things from you guys. Help Jim out a little bit, don't make him do all the lifting....