Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pedal Power

The best of the best. That is a ton of horse power!
I took on the roll of Race Director not really knowing what to expect, but with Jess and Craig having a baby, it seemed like the right time to step up and give back to the sport I have grown very fond over the last few years. The race was a huge success, but pulling it off was anything but a one man show. The list of volunteers is far too long to list, but I am greatly appreciative of everyone's generosity over the holiday weekend; as well as all the support from our great sponsors. Although I ended up sacrificing my race in the spirit of keeping things on track, the end result of seeing everything go as planned was far more rewarding than any result I could have ever gotten from a personal race result.
Check out some photos of the event here
Now that the race is over it is time to start focusing on my training and goals of a solid finish at the Ore 2 Shore.

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